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ABR was set up in 1985 by three experts of the floricultural sector viz.  Andrea Andreozzi, Guido Bertacca and Renzo Rugani, with its name deriving from the initials of their surnames.

The aim of the firm has always been to produce young plants, both from cuttings and seeds, that could meet the standards of  demanding and professional clients.

Customer care and technical assistance have always been our priority, as it is felt that a durable and advantageous business contact can only be achieved through a sincere relationship between client and supplier.

The firm assortment is constantly up dated in order to remain competitive with the demands of the market and also to try to foresee coming trends.

For example, thanks to some specific agreements with Italian breeders, our  wide choice of varieties has been recently increased by new series of Diantini, Euphorbia and Limonium.

As it is believed that new products and varieties are the main boost for floricultural development, ABR has invested in the research and breeding of new Helianthus and Lisianthus varieties through its own breeding program, so offering its clients an even wider selection of plants.

This year ABR is happy to introduce the very new Lisianthus series Star, Polar and Wave, while the new Helianthus Pegaso joins the already known Summertime and Orange F1.


violacciocca prouesse mix


Violacciocca Helene Yellow


Dianthus Pesco Bruno

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